Midi Diggers Explained

Micro, mini, midi and standard excavators are all variations on the same machines, so why do we need these different classes? The differences between the categories is largely down to the weight of the machine. In this series we take a look at some of these categories to establish the differences between the machines to help you decide which is the right one for you, whether you are looking to buy or hire.

Below, we take a look at some of the features of a midi digger.

Whilst midi diggers are often included in the compact excavator category, the Association of Equipment Manufactures (AEM) separates them as their own class of machines, weighing between 6 and 10 metric tons. Due to their size, midi diggers are extremely popular on construction sites across the globe, and therefore have a range of options available, including cabs or canopies, air conditioning, zero tail swing, auxiliary hydraulics and rubber tracks. These varying features available on midi diggers ensure that no matter where in the world they are being used, or for what jobs, a midi digger is available to suit the needs of almost any construction site.

Midi excavators were originally developed in Europe in response to a need for machines to unearth and move materials in a range of industries, usually in smaller scale applications that their larger counterparts. Much of the midi diggers history is shared with that of standard or full-sized excavators as the categories of machines did not come into effect until much later, when the demand for excavators increased as well as expectations about their capabilities. The earliest recorded incarnation of the excavator was a hydraulic shovel produced by the British company Sir W.G. Armstrong & Co in 1882, with many different companies involved in the development of the excavators we know today.

Midi diggers are often seen as the amalgamation of full sized and mini excavators as they are able to provide the digging and lifting capabilities more in-line with their full-sized counterparts, but are still compact enough to provide the advantages of mini excavators, such as increased site access capabilities and easier transportation. Thanks in part to their versatility, midi excavators are particularly popular in projects involving building construction, utilities, road, bridges and landscaping.

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