Micro Diggers Explained

Micro, mini, midi and standard excavators are all variations on the same machines, so why do we need these different classes? The differences between the categories is largely down to the weight of the machine. In this series we take a look at some of these categories to establish the differences between the machines to help you decide which is the right one for you, whether you are looking to buy or hire.

Below, we take a look at some of the features of a micro digger.

Micro diggers are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, in particular as hire machines, thanks to their ability to fit in tight spaces and versatility. If you’re deciding which machine to hire for your next project, we’ve considered some of the benefits of using a micro digger over a larger excavator for you.

Ease of use

Micro diggers are one of the easiest excavators to learn how to operate. Almost anyone can just jump onto a machine and have it working away within a matter of minutes as the controls are so simple to understand. From experienced machine drivers, to first time users, micro diggers can be of benefit to almost anyone.

Tight spaces are not a problem

With their compact dimensions, micro diggers are able to operate in spaces a larger excavator wouldn’t even attempt to fit! Contractors and operators love the versatility that comes with a micro digger, with many models boasting the ability to fit through a standard doorway.

Quieter than a standard machine

When operating in built up areas, a quieter machine can be a godsend! With less weight and often a smaller engine, the noise produced by a micro digger is significantly lower than when compared to the micro digger’s big brothers, making them particularly popular with contractors in residential areas.

Less destructive

As micro diggers are significantly lighter than the bigger machines, the damage they cause to the working areas is much less! As well as being lighter, the rubber tracks (rather than steel tracks often fitted to larger machines) are much kinder to the ground they are operating on and there is less need to clear large spaces for the machine to operate in.

Easily transported

When thinking about which digger to hire, transportation is always a big issue, but with micro diggers being so small and light, they can easily be transported with just a car and trailer!


Although micro diggers are much smaller than big excavators, their functionality and versatility is not restricted! Micro diggers still have the ability to swing 360° and a wide range of attachments are available, from grapples to compaction wheels, which make the micro digger a sensible choice for almost any site!

Money saving

Micro excavators are usually cheaper to hire than their larger counterparts as well as being cheaper to transport which is why they are often favoured by contractors working on smaller sites.

If you’ve decided that a micro digger is the best option for you, or have any questions about our micro diggers for hire, give us a call on 01303 844418.

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